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The Ray of Light Master Form supports anyone who is ready to unlock their hidden capacities to heal & create!

  1. Anyone who wishes to change a pattern and co-create a new reality with Life
  2. Anyone who is ready to heal on all levels; physical, emotional, energetic and galactic
  3. Anyone who desires a deeper connection with Self and Divine God
  4. Anyone who desires to gain body sovereignty, freedom, and abundance
  5. Anyone who desires a deeper knowledge of themselves
This form is a powerhouse and is not for anyone who doesn't want to radically shift their DNA and upgrade their body!
- Emma Brereton

One of the most transformative healing sessions on the planet

The Ray of Light Master Form provides education and a 50-minute potent recording, streamed on our private server.

This recording is Vibrational Light medicine that facilitates a journey into the bodies meridians to activate, heal, and access the deepest parts of you that are ready to heal. 

This journey includes guided visualization and healing sound. This is above and beyond a meditation.

Ray of Light is precise medicine for the Soul and must be treated as such. You will receive the recording along with instructions on how to use this medicine safely and effectively.

No matter your background, belief or health condition, anyone can take Ray of Light without negative side effects.

Benefits Of Accessing This Potent Medicine

It’s like having an IV drip of Light!

Improves Health and Healing

The Ray of Light Master Form brings the Vibrational Light of Divine God deep into your meridians & cells stimulating the body's natural healing process and accelerating healing results.

Improves Manifestation

Ray of Light activates the portals of Light inside the organs, restoring the DNA, synchronizing brainwaves and aligning the individual to their Source of Origin. As you listen to the Ray of Light once a day, you can access and create from the space of infinite possibilities!

Improves Emotional Wellbeing

The Ray of Light uses vibrational light medicine to find and clear out unprocessed or “stuck” emotions trapped in the bodies tissues, bones and cellular memory, leaving the individual in more relief and energetic spaciousness when used over time.

A healing like no other

Ray Of Light goes above and beyond hypnosis to effectively change your patterns.

It is a unique combination of Energy Acupuncture and Sound Medicine that clears your meridian systems, immune systems and energy centers.

It is a multidimensional healing that opens up your intuition and inner healing abilities -- this is the game changer!

Ray of Light Master Form makes it possible for you to access your spiritual capacities each person has hidden inside themselves that make it possible to co-create with the Universe.

When you start embodying your own Spiritual Connection, you allow your Higher Being to work through you...

...and this is when miracles happen...

Just like for these folks...

It’s through the surrender...

Once you listen to the Ray of Light regularly, changes happen with new understandings and grace

And we mean it.

How much do you wish for your life to change? Get healthier? To hold more energy? How often do you wish for more freedom and abundance?

Anyone can receive Ray of Light and see a benefit — small or large. The possibilities are truly endless.

It’s about how open you are to the change you are praying for.

Are you settling for less or asking for a new possibility?

Ray of Light is holding the door wide open for you! Are you going to walk through it?

Anyone can do it...

  • No matter your age
  • Man or a woman
  • Children or no children
  • Planning to start a business or are already a successful entrepreneur
  • Want to make more money
  • Want to quit smoking, weed, addictions, procrastination
  • Want to lose weight or become fit and healthy
  • Want to make a family
  • Want to become more intuitive
  • Want to surrender to Divine God working through them
  • Wants a non invasive healing solution that has no down side or negative side effects

Ray of Light Master Form will help you let go of energetic interferences and help you master your Frequency to experience the new vibration you choose to focus on.

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Ray of Light Master Form (Instructions & 1 Audio File)
Ray of Light is specifically designed to help you let go of your old patterns, and make you wildly successful.

In 30 days, you will become a completely different person - mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Have More questions?

Read our FAQs
The special price offer of $123 is a nominal fee when compared to working with Doctor G and Jamie Lu in a session. We have made this available so every home can have the opportunity to be touched by the Ray of Light experience.
Refunds are not available. As this is a digital product at a nominal investment we find that our clients are profoundly changed after listening to one session. We haven’t needed a refund policy an we think you’ll see why too!
Healing can often be subtle and experienced in the background of your awareness. Overtime, and with repeated use, you will begin to feel and experience the healing at the forefront of your awareness. Typically, after one session, most of our clients do notice a felt shift.
Customers are not able to download the audio file for copyright reasons. The Ray of Light Master Form is streamed on our private servers to ensure the integrity of the transformative experience. Share this link to friends who could also benefit from this incredible healing session that everyone can do!
Yes. Often our bodies need to go to sleep so it can receive the healing fully. There will come a time when your body has adjusted to the frequencies and no longer needs to go to sleep to receive it.