Master Your Energy

A 4-week course giving you tangible tools to align and master your energy DAILY!
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What you'll receive:

Weekly recorded modules that will teach you how to align your energy, clear your energy, DNA & Wealth Activations, Connect with your Spirit Posse, Access the Quantum Field of Healing, Access the top 5 energy acupuncture points to create more ease in your body and so much more! (Valued at $4,000)
Weekly Training Modalities to integrate into your daily routine to create health, wealth and relationship freedom in your life (Valued at $4,000)
Ray of Light Master Form Sound Healing including Amma Lu Sound Medicine to use daily to create the change in your life you are seeking. (Valued at $4,444)
1:1 Options to work with Andrea G or Amma Lu (limited so message us for details)
This course is valued at over $12,444 and you will receive it for a nominal investment of $444 with a payment plan option above.

At the end of the four weeks you will: 

Know how to connect to your body to actualize the manifestations that have been waiting to flow in.
Know how to align your energy daily to allow in the magic that you BE.
Learn how to access your DNA - which is a combination of light & sound. Once you have the tool of DNA activation you will generate change in your life daily.
Increase your intuition and psychic awareness!
Connect with your spirit posse and higher self daily.
Wealth Activations and magick that will create the financial flow in your life that you know is possible. 
Have a deeper connection & love with your body and all it's magic, which in turn attracts the life you desire.
Clients that have used this form have created 50K months, manifested 25K in 3 weeks, sold everything and traveled around the world with their family, created the dream job they have always imagined, connected to their bodies in a way that created their discomforts to dissolve, and so much more!

Who Master Your Energy is for?

This product is for the general population that is ready to heal on all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic and galactic.
No matter your background, belief or health condition, anyone can take Ray of Light safely.
Desire a deeper connection with self and spirit (Divine God)
Desire to connect with all aspects of themselves and gain their body sovereignty to address multi-level healing.
Desire a deeper knowledge of inner energetics
Desire to access their energy meridians and how to do this safely
Desire to experience a combination of frequency healing and precision within their body
Those who seek a non invasive solution that has no down side or negative side effects

Benefits of Master Your energy

Revitalize and turn the clock back on your organs, skin, cells, and entire body systems.
Reset your Nervous System from stress to ease and relief.
Trigger the bodies natural healing and detox response in a way that is easier and more gentle on the body than most physical modalities.
Unfreeze stuck emotions and entities with a magnificent flush of Divine Light.
Feel full, radiant and magnetic to attract your dreams! 
Receive a energetic acupuncture style (non-needles) that removes obstructions in energy flow from blocked meridians and energy centers.
Increase Higher Guidance, Manifestation and Synchronicities.
Connect to a high vibrational healing Light that can transform your life!
Clarify and Enhance your connection to your Spiritual Entourage.

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