Amma Lu is the Galactic Sound Shaman behind Ray of Light™

She is gifted in generating powerful Sound Fields through the Alchemy Crystal Bowls and her voice. Trained through experience, mystic initiation, and her shamanic lineage, she brings an ancient technology that can open the bodies portals to instant healing through sound medicine.
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Amma Lu went through a massive life transformation after radically letting go of her paradigm and career in corporate America. This lead to world travel, mystical encounters and training in energy and sound healing. She experienced spontaneous healing from Hashimoto's, a heart dysfunction and chronic digestion issues as a result of learning how to become the conscious creator of her life.

Amma Lu has since been internationally recognized in her sound healings that have helped thousands of people realize real transformation and the connection to the Divine Spirit within them.

The Ray of Light offers the sacred sound fields Amma Lu generates to entrain vibrations to the healing Love and Truth of Divine Source. By doing so, the inner portals within the body can open to your own Higher Being, allowing you to embody more of your Divine self, inner knowing, and true power.

These sound fields have the ability to facilitate real and lasting transformation, balance the two hemispheres of the brain, activate the Light in your DNA and embody the new reality of sovereign health and wealth.

Ray of Light combines Amma Lu’s sound shamanism with Doctor G’s medical experience and energy acupuncture, to create a new healing methodology called Portal Medicine.

Together, Ray of Light penetrates deep into the body and opens portals to quantum healing with remarkable grace.

Amma Lu is a long-time mentor to healers.  She offers all of her healing music and retreats on her website, Love Rising.  She is a board member of the Medical Sound Association, an organization bringing healing sound to hospitals and homes.  She shares her wisdom and teaches Sound Medicine through the Ray of Light Certification Program.