Andrea Greiner is the founder of Ray of Light™

Doctor G assists a wide range of individuals. As a multidimensional leader, she is here to assist the general population in reclaiming their body and wealth sovereignty.
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Andrea G’s journey truly began as a child growing up in Alaska, the wild frontier. Where connecting to nature and being athletic was one of the easiest forms of mastery for her. She’s always felt a bit “different” than everyone else. Behold, one of her super powers! She helps you heal your lonely leader wounds. Feeling most at home in the mountains and nature, she also seeked adventure and speed!

As an adept downhill ski racer and college soccer player she LOVED and still loves speed. She has taken this love for speed and triple Gemini aspects of her which allows her to stand out in being a leader in the most potent and powerful energy and sound medicine the earth has seen in a long time.

Through Andrea G’s spiritual and business growth and expansion that was offered in 2020. She ran a successful clinic and followed the guidance to close that clinic and move her business online to create Ray of Light. A healing modality that would not only assist millions of people in their healing journey, but the healers, clinicians and business owners that desired a more mobile form of business and impact.

This form of ancient energy healing technology integrates the activation of your meridian systems with your multidimensional embodiment. Ray of Light allows you to realize your innate healing ability which brings forth your ability to BE in your body sovereignty.

Once you begin to access this medicine, you are able to create & generate the life of your dreams because you become the conscious creator of your world. Ray of Light™ is accessible to everyone.  Depending on what level of access you choose to enter into, your life will inevitably improve through health, love, finances, business and beyond.

Ray of Light offers a certification program that allows healers, clinicians and leaders to embody this medicine and bring it to their clients with remarkable results.  The Ray of Light certificate program offerings training in profound medical intuitive skills, Ray of Light technology and business modules.  It is one of the most life changing multidimensional certification programs available today that can vibrationally elevate the client to the next level of their life and business.

Currently Doctor G is primarily focused on bringing Ray of Light to millions of homes as a leading healing modality that creates a significant change in consciousness and sovereignty. Ray of Light is medicine for the masses and is accessible to all!

Doctor G has moved to Mexico with her family of 5! Building business and impact by also living the life of her dreams with her 3 little kiddos, husband and animals. She is excited to build more community and impact everywhere she goes! Join her in this movement of Ray of Light in every home.