Ray of Light, a dynamically multidimensional healing modality, was birthed through a vision to allow and bring healing into every home.

Doctor G, the founder of Ray of Light, was divinely guided to create a modality that would bring the healing of the meridians into every home on the planet.

She was assisted in this creation by the Blue Avians, a posse of star seeds that are here to assist with healing and dissolving fear from the planet.

The Dragons have been a major contribution in holding and anchoring the form within earth and beyond. They are a playful bunch that bring a lot of wealth and deliver the Ray of Light globally and galactically.

There are many archangels and elementals that also support Ray of Light.

Lastly, God and Gaia have guided this form from the beginning of time. It’s ultimate vision is to bring remembrance of healing into each BEing ready to receive it, bringing them back home to themselves.

Ray of light was originally created for practitioners to have a modality that allowed them to practice and facilitate healing from anywhere on the planet.

Soon after these tools and techniques started to see incredible results, Ray of Light immediately evolved into a certification program. This certification program continues to grow and is open for healers, clinicians and coaches to begin their Ray of Light Facilitator journey and assist the masses in this potent and powerful portal medicine.

Ray of Light is a powerful group healing modality and works with the importance of amplified healing that occurs in groups.

As Ray of Light developed, it reached a point of a pause. In that pause moment, Doctor G and Amma Lu aligned to recognize that Ray of Light desired and required Galactic Sound Medicine in order to deliver Ray of Light even deeper into the body. 

So, a trip from Oregon to Mt. Shasta, California quickly was arranged and Galactic Doctor G and Galactic Sound Shaman, Amma Lu, created a series of the most profound sound medicine Gaia has ever seen. 

At this point, Ray of Light took a major expansion step and was prepared to be refined in order to be delivered to more and more people online.

Ray of Light now has several ways it loves to support individuals, families, and homes during this time of spiritual warfare and emotional chaos.

The easiest way to bring this into your home is through the 30-day guided journey where you receive the Ray of Light Master Form and integrate this into your life with the intention of what you’d like your life to become.

If you prefer more support, you can start with the sound and energy tools inside the 4 weeks to Master Your Energy, where you receive the Ray of Light Master Form, including weekly recorded modules and sound medicine to rapidly up-level your life.

Ray Of Light Master Form

A 30-day guided healing journey
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Master Your Energy

4-week program to integrate tools with the sound healing
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